Saturday, May 17, 2008

A day of fun in the sun!

Today Skyler had a softball tournament down in mesquite so nate and i were on our own for the day. We ended up having a lot of fun.

It all started when nate woke up and was full of smiles (sorry pic is blurry)

Then it was bath time and there were more smiles...

Then it was nap time so i could get ready for the day...

Then we went to the Pasta Factory for lunch with my girlfriends and after we got done we went to the new park on main street and played. It was so fun! We had a blast!
Nate and me playing in the was a little cold so he didnt like it to much
Happy to be back in the stroller
Kiersten and Christopher playing in the was so cute he loved the water!
Christopher chilling in his stroller
After we got done playing at the park we were so hot and sweaty i stripped Nate down into his diaper and layed him on the couch to let him cool off. He was smiling and having a great time just relaxing.

Smiling for mom

Love this picture! Its so funny i cant help but laugh everytime i look at it!
Doing what he does best...spitting up :)
Being the cute boy he is
Then Skyler got home and they started to play together and Skyler told me to look and he was balancing Nate which made me really nervous but Nate was holding himself up really good!
Then Skyler was starving and wanted Pasta Factory, so we went there (yes i went there 2 times in one day :) I told him how we went to the park early that day and he had never been there so after dinner we went to the park and hung out (which we were also at 2 times in one day! It was such a nice night!

Nate hanging out on Dads lap at the park


Pratt Family said...

Those pictures are great! I really want to go see that park now that you said that. I would also eat at pasta factory twice in one day if I had the chance. Nate is growing up so fast, he looks like a little man sitting in his dad's hand like that.

Amy Hummel said...

I love all of those pictures! And I would have freaked out if Jared was holding Teslyn like that (and she's a month older)! But I don't think she can hold her self up like that! It's amazing how well Nate was holding himself up! I love that park in town. I've been there twice in the last 3 weeks with my kids. I plan on going there at least once a week during the summer since it's right by the library!

And tess is a spitter upper too...

Wood Family Memories said...

Hi Alisa,

I remember those fun baby days! I kind of miss them actually...But I LOVE the stage of my girls now! Nate is getting so big from the time I seen him at Benji's. I totally want to see him again, maybe we can get together soon. I'm glad to see you out and enjoying him as much as possible! When do you plan on going back to work?

I love blogging - I have enjoyed looking at your updates and posts. Talk soon, take care :)

Stevenson Stories said...

Your little baby is getting bigger and bigger. It looks like you are having a blast being a new mom!

Heidi said...

What a fun day. A double dip at the park and pasta factory is never really a bad thing.