Tuesday, April 17, 2012

St. Patty's Day

Nate sure loves St. Patricks Day! Its often the holiday that people forget about and don't really do anything for, but I try to make it fun for the kids because I myself love any and all holidays! Its fun to do something different and out of the norm! Honestly when I woke up in the morning I forgot it was St. Pattys day until when we turned on the tv for a morning cartoon and saw the green banner as appose to red and quickly remembered! Luckly you don't need much to make st patricks fun! Just some green food coloring! Nate was already sitting down eating a bowl of cereal so I didn't make anything fancy like green eggs or pancakes. I grabbed the food coloring and while he was inthralled in his show squirted in some green! I went and sat down and start feeding Bailey and about a minute later when he turned and looked in his bowl to take a bite he said mom come look!! I ran over and said what? He said the leprechaun was in my cereal! I said lets look around and see if we can find him! He must me here somewhere! While looking around Nate saw the lid to the food coloring jar (i left the jar by Baileys chair and luckily he didn't see that!) He said look mom his hat! I just went with it because it did look like a tiny green hat ha ha!! When I had squirted the food coloring in his bowl it squirted out funny so it had gotten all over my hand. As we were looking I said look Nate I almost caught him! He sprayed green all over my hand as he leaped out of it! He got so excited! We looked around a little longer and couldn't find him so I said lets go take a bath and we can find him after. He agreed to that and when he went in the bathroom he noticed he had left green in the toilet! I put him and Bailey in the bath tub and as they were playing I secretly squirted in green food coloring. They loved it! We got out and got ready for the day (making sure to wear something with green on it). We looked around a little more for the leprechaun, but with no luck we headed over to my moms house to hangout with all my family that was in town because my brother was coming home from his mission in 2 days!!

While at my moms how she (or should I say the leprechaun) sent the kids on a scavenger hunt to lead them to a little st pattys surprise! They loved it and it was so fun watching the run from room to room to find the different clues and evenly their very own bags of chocolate gold!

That night we had a Krave night! Everytime all my family comes into town we always make sure we do a Krave night if not multiple Krave nights! We love it! It was the perfect ending to a great day!

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