Thursday, December 29, 2011

First stitches!

Nate got stitches for the first time a month ago. I have to say we ended up going a lot longer then I thought we would without getting them! If you know Nate he is fearless and there have been some close calls! The funny thing is he wasn't even doing anything dangerous ha ha! We were bringing Alena (my sister) home from babysitting my kids one night and I had to go to the bathroom really bad! I asked Nate if he wanted to run in for a minute and say hi to grandma while I went to the bathroom. Of course he did! He got out of the car and was running up my moms porch stairs and tripped and fell. He got a big deep gouge on the edge of his chin. We cleaned it up as much as we could but the blood was just flowing so we put some gauze and a big bandied over it and headed to the ER. We got there about 10 and I knew it was going to be a long night because I could tell Nate was so tired! When we got there he was really good about letting the nurses take his blood pressure and vitals. Then we headed back to a room and he was good until they started ripping the bandaid we had put on off. I guess it was really sticky and it didn't want to come off! He was freaking out!! Once the doctor looked at it she said he definitely needed stitches because it was so deep! She said we should probably sedate him considering how much he just freaked out when she took the bandaid off. It was late and he was tired and already on edge! I was ok with it at first, but then she started explaining that he wouldn't wake up from it for about 2-3 hours after giving it to him and I just had this awful feeling about it! I asked if there was anyway we could just try to do it with out sedating him first and she looked at me like I was crazy so I agreed to let them do it. They left the room to go get the things they needed. Apparently I was tired and emotional too because I just started to cry. We said a family prayer, but I still didn't feel good about the situation. He ended up falling asleep because by now it was 11:30pm and we had been waiting in the room for an hour for them to come back with the things they needed to put the stitches in! He was completely zonked out! I asked Skyler if he cared if I asked them to try to give him the stitches now while he was sleeping instead of sedating him. He said go for it. So I walked out found the nurse and asked them if we could please try it without sedating him now that he was asleep. They told me he would wake up once they started things and would probably freak out, but we could hold him down. I said thats fine. I can handle him freaking out for a little bit rather then be sedated for a few hours! So they got there things and came in right away. They wrapped him up to help hold him down and when they started working on the wound he woke up. Poor guy did start freaking out! He was saying some of the funniest things but it was really sad to see him so upset!! I wish I would have recorded it because I can't remember everything he was saying, but he had us all cracking up, but feeling so bad for him at the same time! It took them about 15 minutes to stitch him all up. He got two rows of stitches, but I am not sure how many total he ended up getting. I think it was about 10 though. Once it was over they gave him stickers and we took him to the store to get a car because he made it through it. It was such an answer to my prayers that we were able to give him the stitches without sedating him!

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