Wednesday, May 25, 2011

She's Home!!

My sister made it home from serving an honorable mission in Paraguay!!

She has actually been home for 6 weeks now (thats how behind I am on blogging!). She looks more beautiful then ever and its been so nice having her back home! She came home on April 15th. We all met at the St. George Airport about 30 minutes before her plane was to arrive. Here are the 3 little ones when we first got there.

Notice the toys already in their hands, needless to say there was a lot of waiting around! The kids entertained themselves by eating pez...

and playing with cars...

Everyone else just talked, making sure to keep an eye on the window at all times wanting to be the first to see the plane arrive!

Then we finally saw the plane land!

Then we saw Amanda getting off the plane! This is a classic mom crying face. I LOVE it because it's her happy-cry face :) and I can just feel the love she has for Amanda. My sister snapped this right when she saw Amanda through the glass for the first time.

You don't see my dad in any of these "waiting" pictures because he flew to Salt Lake to surprise Amanda! (She flew into SLC first and then from SL to SG).

Then amanda started walking through the first door! We all started clapping and cheering because she could see us at this point!

Of course mom was the first to hug her!

Then we all took turns hugging her (except Nate...he wanted nothing to do with her! He wouldnt even go near her and say hi!) After she said hi to all her family and friends we took a few group pictures...the family...


Nate finally warmed up to Amanda after about 20 minutes and now a days he is obsessed with her! He always asks for her now! He is going to be really sad when she goes back up to live in Provo this weekend! I am sad this picture is blurry because I think its so cute!

We then went back to my parents house and tried to get a picture of the kids wearing their welcome home shirts with Amanda and this is the best we could do...Kylee-not at all interested in Amanda, or taking pictures. Tyler-in L.O.V.E.. Nate-grinning and bearing it so he can go back to playing with his car.

Welcome home Amanda!

Check out this tan line!

I was finally able to get a picture of Nate giving Amanda a kiss to welcome her was while she was getting ready to go eat dinner

We went and ate at Iceberg for dinner because Texas Roadhouse (and all other restaurants had a 2 hr wait!)

Amanda has adjusted back to non-missionary life really well! She still says all prayers in spanish and will occasionally talk in spanglish. We have had so much fun over the last 6 weeks of her being home! I am sad she is moving back up to Provo to live this weekend! At least I can talk to her on the phone when I want and drive up and see if her if I wanted too! I know Nate is going to miss her like crazy! Like I said he is totally obsessed with her these days!!

I am so behind on blogging and I had every intention of catching up tonight, but this post has already taken me an hour and a half and I am so tired! Hopefully I can post the rest (or at least more) tomorrow! Adios!!


The Johnson Family said...

Amanda is so cute! I can't believe how fast those18 months went. I hope you come visit her a lot so I get to see you too!

Cheryl Nelson said...

It has gone by so fast...hasn't it?!