Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh so nice!

The weather last weekend was so nice!! We couldnt get enough of being outdoors! From thursday to saturday we pretty much lived outside! It was in the 70's and it was perfect. Not sweltering hot, but warm enough to wear shorts! It makes me so excited for summer! I love nothing more then going to the park and having a picnic while soaking in the sun and watching Nate play. Nate loves playing baseball right now and its nice to actually go outside and play instead of playing indoors! He is getting to good to be hitting the ball indoors! Saturday morning I went garage sale shopping and when I got home Nate was helping Skyler outside pulling weeds! He loved was so cute! Skyler would pull the weed and then he would pick it up and put it over in the big pile. He then helped Skyler put them all in the trash can. I videoed him doing this, but we put them on Skylers computer so I cant post them today. Here are a few pictures from off my phone of some of the things we did this past weekend.

Picnic at the park
Riding the cow at grandmas house
Playing in the tree house at grandmas house with daddy! He loved being lowered down from the tree house to the ground in the basket! He wanted dad to have a turn riding in it. He told him he would catch him. To bad dad is to big to fit in the basket (and scared of heights ;)

Nate is always such a good helper! He loves helping me around the house by putting clothes away, matching and pairing up the socks, handing me the pillows while I make the bed, unloading the dishwasher, and rinsing his dishes after he eats. I am thinking about making him a chore chart because he is always so excited to help and I think he would love putting a sticker or a checkmark on his chart for completing a chore! He is entering even more of an independent stage and sometimes it really drives me crazy! He wants to do EVERYTHING himself, from climbing in and buckling his own car seat to mixing up his own chocolate milk! Everything we do takes triple the amount of time, so if we are in a hurry to do anything its a nightmare! I have a love/hate relationship with the fact that he is growing up so much! I love seeing him learn and accomplish new things, but sometimes it makes me really sad that he is already big enough to do certain things. He turns 3 in less then a month and I cant believe it! Where has 3 years gone?! Knowing me the next time I blog will be then. I say this all this time, but I need to be better about taking more pictures! We do so many fun things and I never capture the moment...maybe one day!


Cheryl Nelson said...

so cute and fun!

Natalie Bergquist said...

Cute!!! This weather is sooooooo nice; I've been wanting this to take Porter out to play at parks but of course he was sick all week and this week recovering! Dang it. So cute that Nate is such a big helper and so good at doing "chores" and pulling weeds. He is such an awesome kid!!!!!!!

Angela Bricker said...

Ha Ha, I can totally see Nate trying to do everything by himself!! He's such a cutie and I vote you wait to have his bday party celebrations till Amanda comes home cause then I'll be there too!! :)