Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Time!

We did a lot of fun festivities easter weekend! Saturday morning we went to an easter egg hunt at skylers parents neighborhoods park. They had an easter egg hunt, breakfast, a huge blow up slide, and a blow up bounce house! It was so much fun! Nate had a blast hanging out with his cousin Josie! It was so cute to watch them run around looking for eggs! They even had an easter bunny come and visit the kids. Nate was to scared to go say hi even with me holding his hand! One quality nate has not developed yet is patience! There were a ton of kids there and they were all taking turns to go on the slide, but nate did NOT want to wait! He freaked out when we made him wait his turn in line! All in all it was a really fun morning!

Later that afternoon we went over to my mother in laws and dyed easter eggs to hunt for breakfast the next morning. Nate enjoyed doing this but i was not loving it....he spilled the coloring 3 times and would just throw the egg into the dye instead of placing it gently. He would then want to pull the egg out immediately after putting it in instead of waiting to let it soak up some color. Oh least he enjoyed it right? Then easter morning he woke up and found his easter basket waiting for him in our living room! He was so excited! He picked up the chocolate bunny and hugged it and said love you! It was so cute and funny! Boy do I love him! After that we went over to my in laws to do an easter egg hunt of the eggs we dyed the day before. Once all of them were found we ate them! They have a tradition to crack the eggs open on each others heads. Jesse cracked his on nates and nate looked at him like he was crazy and then we told nate to crack his egg on jesses head but he just head butted jesse instead :) Then I showed him how to do it and he became a pro! Nate didnt like eating the eggs (i think it was the texture) but he really enjoyed his easter breakfast toast! After breakfast we stayed and watched conference! Then we went home, ate lunch and put nate down for a nap and then watched the 2nd session of conference. Once that was done we headed over to my parents for a yummy easter dinner! We hid eggs for him to find over there too! He LOVES egg hunts! We had a really fun easter weekend and thank you to all our family for having us join them in their festivities!!

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