Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Justin attempting the 360

My husband wanted me to post these videos of Justin trying to do a 360 on the wakeboard when we went to the lake last night, so he can see how he can better coach Justin on what to do :)

Pictures to come of the house soon :)


Anonymous said...

I think Justin would love to know that you posted three different crash videos of him. Those were some wicked crashes. Josie has been asking for Nate. Can't wait to see you guys.

Shanan, Kelly and Carson said...

Thanks i appreciate it! ya i cant wait to find out too! i hope it will go by fast, and i think it will cuz carson keeps me busy! t'm thinkin about 6 weeks but i'm not sure.. i have a doc appointment on july 17th to do an ultrasound to see how far i am.

i know it would have been way fun to have you and nate there at the splash pad! i got so burnt tho, thinking i could just get a little darker, but i should know myself by now to know i will fry instead LOL! i'll totally let ya know next time i go..

Hows your house coming? i wish mine was all put together, i dont know if it ever will be! i'm sure its harder for you with nate running around! i'm kinda glad carson can only roll right now! i hope all is going good!

Tammy said...

Justin would like to tell Skyler to come talk to him when he can pull the back flip!